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Founder of Division of Urban Transport and Coastal Engineering

 University of Transport and Communications

Date of birth :   17 Mar. 1949

Nationality :       Vietnamese    

Mobile :            84. (0)9 13 55 51 94

Email :             viettrungng@yahoo.com


Web:  :  http://ctgttp.uct.edu.vn




 Of.: R.201 - Building A9, UTC  

Home: 99/3/16 Nguyen Chi Thanh - HANOI - VIETNAM 





 University of Transport and Communications  in Ha-Noi,Viet-Nam                    

          - 1970:    Bridge and Tunnel Engineer

          - 1985:    Eng. Doctor


 Central Laboratory of Road and Bridge Engineering  in Paris, France

          - 1991:   Study on Bridge Engineering


 Economy Development Institute of World Bank  in Washington D.C.,US)             

          - 1995:    Project Analysis Training



     1970-1991: Lecturer of University of Transportation

    1991-to date: Professor of University of Transportation and  Communications



      Vietnamese, English , French , Russian, Chinese     




    1970-1985: Lecturer, Bridge and Tunnel Department, University of Transport and Communications

   1985-1990:  Vice Chief, Bridge and Tunnel Department, University of Transport and Communications

   1991-2002: Professor, Bridge and Tunnel Department, University of Transport and Communications

   1970-to date:  Chief Engineer, Design and Investigation  Company , University of Transportation and Communications

   1988 to date: Director of Construction Laboratory (National-Standard Registered Laboratory)

   2003-2010: Professor, Chief of  Urban Transport and Coastal Engineering Division, University of Transportation and Communication



1970 to date:  Lecturer and Professor of Courses:

            - Steel bridges

            - Prestressed reinforced concrete bridges

            - Evaluation and Inspection of bridges

            - Repair, Rehabilitation of bridges

            - Application of Computer in design and construction of Transport Works

- Optimum Design

            - New technologies in Transport Construction

            - Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structure

            - Training Course for Inspectors and Supervisors in Construction

            - Project Analysis

            - Project Management

            - Training Course for Project Managers

- Environmental Impasse assessment for Transport Projects

- City Bridge Structure

2001-2002:    Chief, Research Unit for " Wind effect on Stayed-cable bridge of  large span in Vietnam "  (Project of Ministry )

1997-1999:     Chief, Research Unit for "Deflection Control in Cantilever Method for Bridge Construction" (Project of Ministry)

1996-1997:      Chief, Research Unit for "Concrete Bridge Superstructures with small depth" (Project of Ministry)

 1994:        Chief, Research Unit for "Dynamic design of Cable Stayed bridges"   (Project of Ministry)

1992-1993:      Chief, Research Unit for "Computing and control in Launching Incremental method of Bridge Prestressed Concrete Girder" (Project of Ministry)

1991-1992:        Chief, Research Unit for "Polymer materials and bonded steel plates in repair and strengthening of old bridges   (Project of Ministry)

1980-1994:  Participant of Quality control Teams for bridges on highway and railway

1998-2000: Editor of New Specification for Design of Highway Bridge based on AASHTO LRFD

1970-to date: Designer of many bridges in highway, Checking Consultant of many larger bridges projects



2007:        Concrete Bridge Lecture (National University Publisher, HCM city)

2007:        Cantilever Method for Concrete Bridge Construction (2nd-Transport Publisher)

2006:       Bonded steel plates in repair and strengthening of concrete bridges and concrete structure (Construction Publisher)

2006:       Wind Design for Stayed-cable bridge of  large span (Construction Publisher)

2006:       Vietnamese-English Dictionary of Bridge Engineering (Construction Publisher)

2006:       Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Structure (Construction Publisher)

2005:        Examples on I, T and Super T beam Concrete Bridge Design for   Specification  22TCN 272 - 05(Construction Publisher)

2005:        English - Vietnamese Dictionary of Bridge and Tunnel (Construction Publisher)

2005:        Examples on Pier and Abutment Design for New Specification for Design of Highway Bridge 22TCN 272 - 05(Transport Publisher)

2005:        Structural Analysis for Cantilever Method bridge using MIDAS, (Construction Publisher)

2005:        Strut and tie model for Concrete structure Design (Construction Publisher)

2005:        Steel Bridges Design (Construction Publisher)

2005:        Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (Cons.Publisher)

2005:        Cantilever Method for Concrete Bridge Construction (Transport Publisher)

2004:        Examples on Concrete Bridge Design for New Specification for Design of Highway Bridge 22TCN 272 - 01(Cons.Publisher)

2004:        MathCAD for Construction Engineer (Construction Publisher)

2004:        Excel for Construction Engineer (Construction Publisher)

2004:        Suspension Bridges Design (Construction Publisher)

2004:        Seismic Design of Bridge, (Transport Publisher)

2004:        Additive and chemical (Construction Publisher)

2004:       Bridge Management, Evaluation, repair, Strengthening (Transport Publisher) 

2004:        Model Technologies in construction of Concrete Bridge,

                (Construction Publisher)                                                                   

2004:        Concrete Bridge (Volume 2), (Transport Publisher)

2004:        Structural Analysis for Horizontal curved and Cable-supported bridges  using SAP 2000, (Transport Publisher)

2003:        Bridge Evaluation, (Construction Publisher)   

2003:        Admixtures in Concrete and Mortar, (Construction Publisher)     

2003:        Optimal Design, (Construction Publisher)      

2003:        Bridge Construction Technologies, (Construction Publisher)       

2002:        Bored pile in Transport construction, (Construction Publisher)

2002:        Handbook of Civil Engineer, (Transport Publisher) 

2002:        Examples of Simple Supported Concrete Bridge Design, (Transport Publisher)

2002:        Examples of Bridge Analysis by SAP 2000 software, (Transport Publisher)

2001:        Concrete Bridge (Volume 1), (Transport Publisher)                           

2001:        Structural Analysis by SAP 2000 software, (Transport Publisher)

2001:        Programming Languages C++ for Researcher and Engineer, (Transport Publisher)    

2000:        Design of model concrete structures with American Standard – ACI, (Transport Publisher)

2000:        Application Computer science Course for Construction Engineer (advanced course)                                                                  

2000:        Concrete Bridge (Volume 2), (Transport Publisher)

2000:        Delphi 5.0, (Transport Publisher)

2000:        Introduction of C++ for Scientist and Engineers, (Transport Publisher)

1999:        Examples on Concrete Bridge Design                                  

1999:        Design of Embankment on soft ground, (Transport Publisher)               

 1999:       Concrete Bridge Design (advanced course)                                 

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